Wrong words on https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/basic-css/attach-a-fallback-value-to-a-css-variable


I have just found out that background: var(–pengiun-skin); on both of .penguin-top and .penguin-bottom are not pengUIn, but pengIUn. Thus, they are not correct if we look at the definition inside .penguin.

But, they are still working good. Is it an error or am I wrong?

They are not working good, the background color is not being applied. That’s why you have to add the fallback value as described in the lesson so that when because of typo or any other reason(maybe lack of browser support) the background color defined using the variable cannot be applied the fallback value will be applied instead. Hope this helps. Thank you.

Hello there,

Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate it very much.

By working good, I mean, when I clicked “Run the Tests” button, it display success message as usual.

I think, it should fail.

Is it working without adding the fallback value? It shouldn’t. Not in my laptop. The test is failing.

Oh, I am sorry. It is totally my fault. I misunderstand the text. Yes, you are correct.

It is because English is not my native language. After rereading the challenge and your description, I begin to understand it fully.

I am sorry again :smiley:

That’s alright. Keep coding.

There is a GitHub issue to fix this.

Hey @ArielLeslie, I think it is working fine. I might be wrong. Would you please inform what kind of issue was reported. Thank you.

There was an issue with the incorrect labels being used in the challenge.