YDKJS: this and object prototypes - Ch3 - Contents Section Question

Here’s the link to that section.

In the last code snippet in this section:

var myObject = { };
myObject[true] = "foo";
myObject[3] = "bar";
myObject[myObject] = "baz";

myObject["true"];				// "foo"
myObject["3"];					// "bar"
myObject["[object Object]"];	// "baz"

Can someone explain to me how this line myObject["[object Object]"]; value equals baz?

Bracket notation only accepts string values. When you do

myObject[myObject] = 'baz'

the myObject in the brackets is coerced to a string, which happen to be '[object Object]'. That’s why you got the same 'baz' when you do myObject['[object Object]'].

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Why it didn’t coerce it to "myObject"?

That’s how the spec for the language defined coercing objects to strings by default. You can define your own way of coercing objects to strings.

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I see. Thank you. :slight_smile: