"You should not use the assignment operator." what should I do with that? where is the assignment operator

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var myVar = 87;

// Only change code below this line
myVar = myVar + 1;

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Challenge: Increment a Number with JavaScript

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first of all answer to your question
what is an assignment operator ?
= is assignment operator
example :
var a = 10 ; // here i assign 10 to a variable, which means now a has value of 10,
so here = is assignment operator.

now from your code

you have assigned 87 to myVar using = which is assignment operator.

about your challenge
hint => you have to increase value of myvar using ++ operator

now try to solve your code by yourself and have question feel free to ask

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You’re supposed to change this line of code.

This is the assignment operator:


This is a string:

Anything you put in quotation marks is a string. So with "myVar++" you’ve just written something in the code that is just literal text. Not code. You could have written "hello" and it would have the same effect, it’s not doing anything.