Your Feedback on a Landing Page

Dear campers,
What is wrong with the design of this page?
I have followed a tutorial to build but I’ve chose a diffrent picture with diffrent colors pallete, and I add its responsiveness by myself.
Do you think this is a page that a sports club would pay for it?
N.B: I am just adding it to my portfolio, but wondering whether this kind of design can be sold or not.
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Hey there! I like the design overall :slight_smile: There are a couple of small things that I’d change, like the hover effect on those ‘Choose’ buttons is way too slow (I’d bring it down to like 0.3s maximum) and there’s too much white space between the quote and the footer. Also, I think it would be better to use the actual img tag for those ‘option images’ instead of making them a div with the background.

But other than that, pretty good, I like that you kept it one-color (although, if you used one other color in like one or two places on the page, it would really make those elements pop, those could be buttons, for example, to help with conversions :wink: ) and the page is responsive so good job on that!

As for whether someone would pay for this, I honestly don’t know :sweat_smile:

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Really nice project! In addition to @kristina_v I think your welcome section’s paragraph is too wide and in my opinion it looks better if you set up welcome section width to around 60%. I feel also your get starter and quote are a little bit too close to the right border of the page so you might as well add some right padding on that.

Overall good job and keep it up!

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@MarekMac @kristina_v thanks for you both, I will definitely try what you advised… Thanks alot!