yourCode = ourCode else { return "fail" };

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Shouldn’t this technically work? I mean, I understand that the solution removes some extra code taking the line “else if (val >= 5 && val <=10 )” out and replacing it with “else { return “Between 5 and 10” }”

I just want to make sure I totally understand the & operator.

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function testElseIf(val) {
if (val > 10) {
  return "Greater than 10";

else if (val < 5) {
  return "Smaller than 5";
else if (val >= 5 && <= 10) {
  return "Between 5 and 10";


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Challenge: Introducing Else If Statements

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For the last condition, remove the else if (val >= 5 && <= 10) and replace it with just else. This is because it’s the last condition and it will always be true if the previous ones are false (assuming that val is always a number)

This isn’t valid. Each side of the && needs to be an independent condition

I wrote it wrong when i was typing my tiny rant

(val >= 5 && val <=10) is the correct way, right?

Thank you - it’s nice to understand WHY they wanted me to do it that certain way. It didn’t explain in the challenge, and technically my way would have worked (val >= 5 && val <=10) is “between 5 and 10” right?

Yes, that’s logically correct, but the challenge requires you to use the else statement.

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help you. Would you mind marking my post as a solution if I helped you? Thanks.

What error message does the corrected code give?

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