Zero to Holy $%*@! Whoa! What am I missing?

I made it through the initial challenges without issue. Could clearly see what the challenge was about, what you were supposed to learn, and how it built on previous lessons.

Powered my way through the Tribute Page by using what we had learned so far with a little frustration, but ultimately got something together that satisfied the user stories and roughly approximated the example page.

The next one is make a portfolio site from scratch - uh…what? Am I missing something, or have we in no way covered any of the necessary knowledge for say, a nav bar. Or using APIs or even libraries? It feels like the lesson here is “Go find what you need to know on the internet,” which is no doubt a really good lesson, but then why are we here? I appreciate not having things spoon fed to me, there’s really no indication of the intention of this lesson. If it’s not designed to stop you dead in your tracks, or weed out the faint-hearted, than what is the intention?

This question has been asked about the portfolio page tons of times on our forum already. I suggest using the search icon at the top and read some other answers people gave.

I am assuming you did the earlier challenges, so you should know the basics of HTML and bootstrap. I recommend reading Bootstraps documentation for navbars or just experiment like I did.

It’s a portfolio page. There is no reason you have to use an api or javascript whatever for that matter.

If I was able to complete it, I know you can. Give it a try, review the past lessons, check out some other resources, ask for help here in spefific areas, and you will be surprised what you can do!

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Previously: Portfolio… JS? Where to start?

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Thanks both of you, for the responses and the link to a very solid past thread. I have been trying to search for similar but to no avail, guess that’s another tool in my toolbox to work on.

And yeah, I’m having a go at it and it’s not so bad actually. Thank you for responding!

There’s plenty of good advice from the responses you received. However, going from doing challenges and taking on single function algorithms to building projects from a blank, white canvas can be jarring and extremely intimidating.

Though what helped me get through that sharp learning curve was both working on smaller components of it and swiping layouts from other sites I liked. For instances, Julian Casablancas is pretty awesome and I’m sure he’s got an online presence. Maybe borrowing his color scheme, content rhythm, and layout will give you the right direction?

I hope this helps!

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Brilliant advice! Most definitely helps a ton, great suggestions thank you!

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