Portfolio… JS? Where to start?

OK, I did a second pass through all the challenges leading up to the tribute page and the portfolio. The tribute page went well. Now I am really, really challenged by the portfolio. I have been looking up all sorts of things like how to put in a background image, how to use jumbotron (also how to have a second one that is a different color… but only 2… I would really like 3 or 4!).

I have taken peeks at some of the code others are using and have found that many are including JavaScript in their project. Are we supposed to go on into the JavaScript section before we complete the portfolio assignment?

I also note that there are many, many more folks posting tribute pages than there are with portfolios. Is the portfolio a “Bottleneck” that thins out the crowd of participants?

Any extra suggestions for places to look for more info would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking at things like W3schools.com, BootStrap documentation, color-pickers, and the like.

Maybe I just need to take the KISS approach and do it with what I already know?


You absolutely can make a portfolio with what you know already. The thing to remember about the portfolio is that it’s always a work in progress. When you peek at other people’s and see them do fancy magical things, it could be that they have returned to it once they have some more skills - I did this myself, adding a little Javascript to help smooth scrolling happen and upgrading to the newest Bootstrap.

The way I approached it initially was to model mine on the example and then try to emulate everything as closely as I could.

It meant a lot of Googling: bootstrap nav barbootstrap nav bar collapsewhy won't my bootstrap navbar collapse when I did everything right?!bootstrap center imagewhy won't my image centre when I did everything right?! etc…

The basic skills needed to pass the user stories is just Tribute Page + Links that take you to other parts of the same page - once you have a passing portfolio, go on to other things and come back to work on your portfolio once you’ve finished the intermediate projects to add those and try out some fancy new tricks.

I dunno about everyone posting tributes but not portfolios…maybe they are prouder to show off a tribute to their heroes rather than toot their own horn? Maybe it’s confirmation bias? I know I feel like I keep seeing everybody posting their React projects when I can barely get the React Hello World basics running, but that might just be my skewed perception because it’s stressing me out :slight_smile:


In my experience, the more daunting the task seems at first, the better you’re going to feel when it’s done. Just remember that there is no failure, and you’re allowed to make ugly websites. Focus on what you would like your portfolio to be and ignore what everyone else’s is.

The process I suggest for each project is to start with what you know, figure out what you want, and fill in the gaps. Draw a picture of how you might like your site to look. Think about how the site you’ve drawn could be coded. Does something look like it would be an <h1> tag? Can you make use of the Bootstrap components, like a carousel or jumbotron? Be conservative, or go hog-wild. All that matters is that you’re learning.


it’s okay :slight_smile: make a list, a real list on paper or a text document, of the things you can do already with what you know.
Do it with those skills.
You can add all the magic javascript fairy dust later.
That is what most people might have done, you would not know seeing it now.

Make a list of things that you need to do get the portfolio done, do them one by one with what you know
Best of luck

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Thanks so much! That is exactly what I am now doing. The task seems much less daunting now.

Thanks so much! I am doing just what you and others have suggested. It is progressing slowly but certainly now.

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Thanks to all who responded. Your suggestions really helped. I am now progressing slowly but surely with the things I know how to do already and working from a sketch I made along with the list of things I know how to do. So much more sensible!