When to do your personal portfolio project? Before or after completing the Javascript challenges?

Hi everyone,
I have been doing the challenges in the same order as they appear in free code camp. It was quite overwhelming for me to see the Tribute pages posted here as many have used jscript, but somehow I finished my tribute page without using it.

I have no prior experience in programming before I started FreeCodeCamp, so should I do my portfolio page challenge before or after completing the jscript challenges? Because the couple of portfolios that I saw on this forum have all used jscript. Besides I find the portfolio challenge somewhat complex…

Will appreciate your thoughts on this…

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You don’t need JavaScript to make your portfolio page. Make it as well as you can with HTML/Bootstrap and CSS. Then once you finish Javascript, improve the page with what you’ve learned. When you’ve learned Sass and React, improve it even more! The FCC projects aren’t necessarily a one time thing, most people keep improving their projects till they are top-notch. I intend on making a better one once I’m finished learning React.js as well.

So I would recommend making one to the best of your abilities right now and then fix and improve the problems once you have more experience. If you run into any issues: read, search, ask anywhere, including this forum.Good luck, and have fun making it. I look forward to seeing the end result.


I felt the same way you did. I was confused since the portfolio project seemed a bit advanced so early in the FCC process.
But the basics aren’t that different from your Tribute page.
I looked around at others portfolio pages and felt better about starting mine.

Some people, like you said, used Javascript and the page seemed really advanced but most are a nice simple page. I think that’s all you need for now.


@imtoobose Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll get down to work right now.

@NewmarketPaul Thanks for helping! I feel more confident about my portfolio now.

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Definitely don’t think you are not qualified. Do everything to the best of your current ability. Everybody got it right to point out you can improve upon it later. Also a lot of people copy-paste plenty of code snippets without actually learning about them. Although it’s nice to be able to find necessary info and use it, it would do you better to understand what you are actually copying.

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@P1xt Thanks for the encouraging words!

@InfinitusEcho Thanks for helping! I will use what I have learned till now.