Build a Personal Portfolio challenge help

Hello! I’m kinda new to FCC and now I’m on this project where I have to build my own portfolio webpage. So in my head I was thinking like, Alright I’m only going to do this using HTML and CSS, like the Tribute page where he said everything can be done in only HTML so I was like oh cool ! and I always look at the “original” work’s code to see how at the end my code should kinda look like and I see some JS ? I haven’t even reached to that point, and it would be nice if we were told we would be using it, so I’m prepared to do some research. I feel like they could have set it up better in a way that, they tell us what language we should use like last project, they said “You can use only HTML to complete this”. If they said something similar in this project I would be like “oh alright , time to dig and research a lot about different stuff” and it would help me understand more. Could someone tell me what I should use in this challenge to give me some guidance. Thanks !

Just use html and css. I skipped that project till closer to the end of the front end section - you will know some JS by then and be able to do more. I would either do that or make a simple page and move on - you will want to go back and change it all up later.

perhaps some more advice here Need help from the ground up on Portfolio Project

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Thanks ! I will do some simple stuff that I think I can do and then come back later to it :slight_smile:

@Vookiee I wonder if part of the problem you’re experiencing is related to the differences between the project example in the current curriculum and the beta curriculum:

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am I suppose to do the Beta one ? if so why would they put the current one there ? :open_mouth:

@Vookiee It’s up to you as long as the end result satisfies the user stories.

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