Portfolio Project: Where to Start? What's Your Process?

about to do the portfolio project. I have no idea where to even begin. I look at the blank screen and it’s just daunting… I’m seeing the forums where people post theirs and it’s truly impressive stuff, and seems like it’s way beyond my capability! I notice some even have a ton of javascript, which we haven’t even covered yet.
Aside from FCC, I’ve finished Codecademy’s HTML & CSS, as well as their jQuery sections, and still feel completely unprepared.
Do you decide beforehand what you want to be on the page, and where, and code according to that? Or do you just start coding and adjust accordingly? Or use a template somewhere or start from scratch?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey, first of all, you absolutely don’t need to use javascript. Most have come back to redo there portfolio with their new knowledge.

When you start, I’d begin with deciding what you want to show (most likely: About / Portfolio (with thumbnails) / Contact (link to social media) sections). Then make those sections (simple divs) and go to the Bootstrap docs to figure out to make a working navigation bar.

You’re basic portfolio is done! Since you have done quite some css, it shouldn’t be too difficult to give it a (simple) nice look :slight_smile:

Do remember to come back after you’ve more experience to redo it. This is not required, but I think your portfolio is a good page to show what you’ve learned.

EDIT: Have a look here:


Thanks @BenGitter I appreciate it!