Personal Portfolio Webpage - where to start

Hello all,

I am feeling quite stumped about where to start with this. I have read quite a few threads saying that this challenge will be tweaked in future as it’s a big leap for new coders, which is exactly what I am feeling. I have been trying to work things out so far, sometimes peeking but trying to work backwards when needed but feel completely out of my depth now especially as it seems to be saying not to look at any code. Where to start? Literally don’t know!

Any advice appreciated.


ok, I have just found this link that gets the process going:

Start simple.

  1. Just place a few divs with some text below each other.
  2. Fill those divs with the relevant content: social media buttons (link with an image in it), screenshot of your previous project(s) (or placeholder image)
  3. Search for bootstrap navbar

Note that it doesn’t have to look nice.

ok, thank you! I will do that. I think like a lot of people here I seemed to go into complete overwhelm with this one!