1 goal 3 way, which way should I choose?

My goal is to be a CyberSecurity Expert.
The 3-way means,

  1. Should I Learn Web Development which I am currently learning Before I Start learning CyberSecurity?
  2. Should I complete Bachelor’s Degree study in computer science from Open Source Ware? like as said in this article -
    aGupieWare: Online Learning: An Intensive Bachelor's Level Computer Science Program Curriculum, Part II (Updated - Dec 2020)
  3. Or by Continuing Web development learn and by side can I also learn Competitive Programming?

I do have not enough money to Compleating Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from any private university. So Open Source ware Is the only way to learn everything.

Hello and welcome!

Can you please explain why you are learning web development when your goal is cyber security?

There is a little overlap, but these are completely different careers with their own education and job requirements.

Just Exploreing.
I want to learn more and more before diving into Cybersecurity!!
What is your opinion about it??

Many CyberSec positions don’t require programming skills. For the ones
that do (or if you want to simply know how) it’s enough to learn Python and
have a basic understanding of coding.

If you want to go into bug bounty hunting, you will need a more complex understanding of web programming. There are courses that will teach you those skills, a full web development course would be a waste of time.

You will be busy enough choosing the field you want to work in (Cloud? Web3? Malware or pen testing? Network security? Bug bounties?) and gathering the required certs/ skills for that path. Why waste your time with CSS and responsive design, you won’t need it?

I was interested in this field myself before I decided to become a coder.
In case you don’t know them yet, a few useful links:

If you choose web development, way two is the way to go plus building apps of all sizes and purposes. Prepare for interviews via Leetcode and other services.

I Want to be an Expert On Cybersecurity!!
What Kind of Skill Make me an Expert in this field?

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