100 doors for help

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I can’t pass the challenge and I wonder if there is any problem.

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function getFinalOpenedDoors (numDoors) {
  let status=[];
  let opened_doors=[];
  for(let numdoor=1;numdoor<=numDoors;numdoor++){ 
    status[numdoor] = 1;  // 1=open   -1=close

  for(let times=1;times<=100;times++){  //the times of visiting the 100 doors
    for(let numdoor=1;numdoor<=numDoors;numdoor++){ //the num of every door
  for(let numdoor=1;numdoor<=numDoors;numdoor++){ 
    if (status[numdoor]==1) {  //recording the num of opened door

  return opened_doors;

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Without really reading your code, the instructions says that all doors are initially closed.

Well it seems to me you’re doing the opposite:

status[numdoor] = 1; // 1=open -1=close

Thank u ,simple but useful.