Rosetta Code: 100 doors Should Return An Array

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It keeps telling me: “getFinalOpenedDoors should return an array.”
On my computer it does, but it does not pass the test here.
Please help.

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function getFinalOpenedDoors(numDoors) {
let doors = new Array(numDoors);
for (let i = 0; i < numDoors; i++) {
    doors[i] = "Closed";

for (let j = 1; j <= numDoors; j++) {
    for (let z = j-1; z < numDoors; z += j) {
        if (doors[z] === "Closed") {
            doors[z] = 'OPEN'; 
        } else {
            doors[z] = "Closed";
var newdoors = [];
var newdoors = new Array();
for (y = 0; y < numDoors; y++) {
    var ddd = doors[y];
    if (doors[y] === 'OPEN') {
var ccc = newdoors;
return ccc;   

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Challenge: 100 doors

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Your code is failing the 2nd test, because it does not complete. The reason it does not complete is that you have not defined the variable y in the he for loop.

Your variable y is not declared.

Once you fix this, you can put


at the bottom of your code and see that the result does not match the requested result. You should be returning an array of numbers.

Thank you guys, “let y =0;” worked for first test.
And “newdoors.push(y+1);” worked for second test.
Have a great day,

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