15/17 in the survey text. But why?

Okey guys I have now a 16/17 but please can you tell me what I am not seeing?

<button id="submit" class="submit2">Enviar</button>


## 16. Inside the form element, I am presented with a button with id=“submit” to submit all my inputs.

Hi @smiley20, when you run the tests any that fail will turn the button red. Click on the red button to see an explanation of each failing test.

I edited the post… I don’t get it… !

Show your pen again please. If I remember correctly, your button was not inside the <form> </form>

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You have your <form id="survey-form"> tag inside the div with class=“contenidodelformulario”. That is fine, but you end up closing that div before closing the form. You need to close the form first. Also, you need to get rid of the extra </form> at the bottom.

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