1st Project: Tribute Page *HELP*


My name is Philip, I tried to make my page as simple as possible but am at 5/10 since several hours. I would like to finish my first project and any help would be appreciated! The closest I got was 2/10 but I returned to 5/10.


Look at why you are not passing a certain test.

  1. Within the “img-div” element, I should see an <img> element with a corresponding id=“image”.

Your <img> element is not within your figure element. Also you did not use id=“image”.

Fix that and it gets you to 7/10.

Look at the reasons you are not passing the other tests and fix your code accordingly.

It looks nice though.

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Thank You Eoja!

done! https://codepen.io/Philip_B/pen/XvbvKj