2 Player Dice Game - Feedback appreciated

Hi, I created a simple 2 player dice game using pure js :D, its a random dice generator game where 2 dice is randomly thrown and whoever have a higher dice value wins. It keeps tracks who wins or loses in the scoreboard and each time a 3 second timer is rolled before the value is shown. Feedback is appreciated espcially in terms of my JS code :smiley:


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Its good, i feel this is a lot like rock paper scissors where only 1 of 3 things can happen. Player 1 wins, Player 2 wins or its a tie. Do you think it would be possible to add a dice rolling animation ?

i thought about the dice rolling animation , but its abit too complex for me atm as i havent learn about animations. But eventually i will try that :smiley:

You should try and make it a bit more responsive so that when played on a smaller screen the user doesn’t have to continually scroll up and down to see what’s going on.

can u tell me what device are u using? im used all the emulator on chrome and the result is on the top. There shouldnt be a need to scroll up or down.

I’m on a MacBook Pro. Depending on the size of my browser (Chrome) window I see the results but don’t see both die, and no matter what size the window I have to scroll to ‘Play Again’