2019 F.C.C Goals and shared advice/tips

Hey what’sup everyone!
I created this topic so we can all share our tips on learning and managing time for getting the most out of F.C.C.
I’m new to the freeCodeCamp community here, but not so much for the coding curriculum challenges. I’ve been on and off for the past year or so, but never truly committed to finishing or even taking this camp site serious until now. As a CS undergrad student i now see the value in these challenges and it’s well worth your time for practice/learning and adding projects into your portfolio so that you can have somethings to showcase for future job interviews.
My goal this year is to completely finish the projects and challenges on here or at least 80% of the work here. I use this as part of my front-end development studies, while on the back-end side i try to incorporate practicing python problem questions and learn about the frameworks, libraries, tools, and database with the time allowed. When I begin my semester in university, I look at those materials more so related to the back-end side along with algorithms and software-related knowledge. So apart from that, I drop studying/practicing the back-end side of things that i do in between semesters and just keep focus on the front-end side so that i don’t slack in college.
Since Computers are complex, at first i was really confused about how i can learn everything! but now i see that personally i feel it is important to learn all of the basic fundamentals and even touch up on the hardware side to gain more of an appreciation of the work put into this technology first, then look at different types of roles/ positions in jobs so that you can have a better understanding of what they look for and you can plan out which couple aspects of the computer field you would like to have as a job then go all in on those subjects, instead of thinking you have to know every side of computers. Now I am less confused about what to learn(lol).
Again, I created this topic so we can all share our tips on learning and managing time for getting the most out of F.C.C. Please feel free to share any thoughts, even if they may look “cheesy”. Peace. Code Hard.

(p.s - I can’t say too much yet about the value of this until i finish it all or get into the job fields, but i will come back to update you all !)

I use Asana. I have a project for Learning. I add the classes, camps, fcc challenges in a check list, then sub tasks for each one. Then subtasks Example:



p1xt Job Ready Javascript

actually finish Eloquent JavaScript

And so on. This way I can keep track of all the classes and such I’m working on.

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Thanks for your input, I will check out Asance. Having a good way to keep track of your daily work is important. :slight_smile: