25+5 Clock code written by me doesn't work

25+5 Clock code written by me doesn’t work even after I have done it very well.
23/29 passed but remaining are not able to find any issue while tested manually.
Please check my work and help me if there is any mistake you find.
Here is the link: https://codepen.io/hiteshp97/full/NWrNmPX

Now, I have made a few corrections still the result is same. Please look at the code now and suggest the changes.

@Hiteshp97 If you click the red button where it says 23/29, it will tell you what tests you still have to pass and what to do in order to complete them.

Yes, I have checked those misfunctions/mistakes mentioned there manually by myself and found that they work well when operated manually.
Please check the working of it manually, you will understand that it works correctly. If not please let me know what’s the problem/mistake that’s taking place when operated manually.
I don’t know why there is a difference in performance when tested using the predefined tests and when tested manually.!:worried: