25 + 5 Clock Frontend Libraries Projects Feedback needed!

Hi! i’ve finished the 25 + 5 Clock from the Frontend Libraries Projects and i will appreciate anyone who check my code and give me and advice about what things can i do better! Thank you! Here is my code:

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I love it! However it appears that there is a bug with buttons to increase and decrease session lengths.

Thank you for your feedback! I didn’t notice it! I’ll check my code and see what happens, thank you!

You could get rid of the <i> elements and just add className="fa fa-2x fa-minus" for the minus sign and className=“fa fa-2x fa-plus” for the plus sign for the buttons elements.

Thank you very much for your feedback, and for checking my code, i appreciate it! I will make those changes, Thank you!

Thank you very much for your feedback i’ve checked my code and i found the bug, the problem was that it was taking the id from the tag and not from the button as i wanted! so i take the advice from Mr. RandellDawson and i get rid of the tags and i put the classes in the button elements thank you very much for your feedback! I tested and now works fine! Here is my edited code:

Thank you very much for your feedback i did what you told me and now the clock works fine! i tested and i passes all! and i solved the bug that @shimphillip was talking about!
Thank you very much , i really appreciate it, thank you for taking your time to check my code! Here is my edited code: