25 + 5 Clock using ReactJS

Just finished my 25+5 clock project! Had some stupid issue because I accidentally made my incrementers with the id “-decrement” and decrementers with id “-increment”… Apparently, that made about 2/3rds of the tests fail…

So, after a long time trying to find that one small mistake (the many error messages made it hard to pinpoint the mistake lol), my program finally passed!!

Would love to get some feedback, especially on the messy code (considering the many events being passed on through attributes to sub-components)…


I don’t know if it’s intended but I have literally jumped and had a little heart attack when I heard the break sound :woozy_face:

Oh, to be honest I’ve not considered that a lot.
I’ve been around other people all day without headphones so I’ve been unable to really test the sound etc… :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you reckon it’s the volume or the sound effect itself that is too “violent”?