25 + 5 Clock (Pomodoro) - feedback appreciated

Howdy Campers!

I’ve just finished my 25 + 5 Clock:

I created this React-based app for the Build a 25 + 5 Clock Front End Libraries Project.

Well, I found this easier and far less time-consuming than the JS calculator project!

That said, I did initially have some issues getting my clock to pass timer tests #10, #13 and #15. It seems that the order you put values into state and how you retrieve them is important. Who’d thunk it! :grin:

Anyway, all feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks!


HI @cakeisaliegaming !

I think your project looks good.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, appreciated!

Congrats! That looks good and I like the fonts :smiley: It goes well with the theme and most importantly passrs all the tests and it’s functional. The message and sound for the Break slot funny :joy: I too had trouble with test #13 but strangely not as much as the calculator. Mine is very simplistic. I chose something “asciiy” but most importantly it for me, it passes all the tests. Here’s mine . Well…My next challenge, I think I’ll go for “Scientific Computing with Python” module. Enough with frontend stuff.

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Thanks! I like the ascii look of your timer. It’s very retro, which I appreciate as someone who spends a lot of time emulating computers and video games from the early 90s :grin:

Yeah, I’m not sure what module to do next! For my last few projects, I’ve been using create-react-app and have learnt the basics of using git, Github, npm and Atom, so I might try to find a tutorial on how to set up my own dev environment using Webpack.

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