25+5 Clock - long test time and general feedback needed

Hi, I would like to have your opinion about my clock.

The first problem is, that sometimes it fails the test about reset, why? If you repeat the test multiple time, sometimes it fails, sometimes it passes. Actually I had a little trobule to set the reset function, but now it works, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve done something not so good.

I’m trying to simplify the code, creating less redundance, and also I’ve to style it.

My Pen:


cool fonts you used there!! looks nice :slight_smile:

btw, just tried it out and saw this!!

session time was not updating int timer?!

have you seen that before?

No, I didn’t see it, I think I’ve missed something when I made the code simpler. I adjust right now, thanks :smiley:

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Ahah yes, the code has a state property that was sessionSex instead of sessionSec :rofl:

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