25 + 5 clock looks like it works but the tests are failing

Im working on the 25 + 5 clock and when i run it it looks like it is working fine but many of the tests are failing.

here is a link to my codepen:

I am wondering if part of the problem is that i have two buttons under in the element labeled start stop? A pause button and a start button the example seems to have a pause and stop button as well though. What i dont understand is that most of the tests say that the countdown is not reaching zero but i run the timer the countdown does reach zero.

this is an updated version i just the only thing that i changed was to add an html audio tag instead of having the audio all in the javascript.

I made start/pause into a single button and that fixed most of the tests a few are still failing though. The final tests that are failing say that when the timer ends the break and the new session are starting at the wrong value but they do start at the correct values.

Got them all working the times where staring at 59 secs instead of 1 min.

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