25+5 Clock Project

This is my 25+5 Clock Project: https://codepen.io/laipel/pen/MWGgRwe

I cant understand why my project fails some tests. Please, could you explain me what’s wrong?

(I’m going to do audio later. What worries me now is that other tests are failed).

It looks like you are passing all your tests passed.

In the future, it would be helpful if you would ask a more specific question. I skipped over your question at first because I simply didn’t have time to dig in and find where you were having a problem. I would expect you to say where the problem is, what you expect the result to be, what you are actually getting, and what you’ve tried. It makes more sense for you to do that than have everyone trying to help you to redo that. Talking about code and being able to express problems is a very important part of being a developer.


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