2nd Product Landing Page

I started learning bootstrap today and it was a little overwhelming at first, but after nearly 16hrs of jumping from youtube page to youtube page to bootstrap’s official website, I’ve made something that I think looks nice. I know it’s not so great, but it’s been a reaaallly long day.
So any feedback is welcome, but please be gentle, as well as honest. I left some comments in the html at the sections I couldn’t figure out.

Thank you in advance.

Your landing page looks good, great job! The feedback that I would provide is below:

  • larger margins on the left and right of the page
  • “contact” & “more Info” do not jump to specified part of page
  • I would give your nav links a higher font-weight so that they are more accessible.

I can’t believe i forgot about the nav links. Thank you. I’ll fix it as soon as i can.

I think you could constrain your contact form a bit, I don’t think it needs to fill the whole page. The welcome button animation is fun!