2nd Project (Survey Form) Feedback / other browsers?

Hi everyone!

I finished up my survey form… I think I made it more complicated than it had to be. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure it works well on all browsers or screens, and don’t have a way to test it out. I’m curious if things look okay and would love any feedback about the design and code!


Thanks in advance!

Edited to add: None of the links work, the site is just for showing the survey form itself, in case that wasn’t obvious. :wink:

Very nice!
Works great in Brave and Firefox (PC)

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That’s great. I’m using a mobile phone but it displays properly. Actually it looks very professional. Congratulations :clap:

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Looks awesome. Just a small thing, the site ends up being just a touch too wide on most popular screen sizes for mobile, so there’s a bit of overflow and a horizontal scrollbar. Chrome has a really helpful tool for looking at your site in different screen resolutions. It has a bunch of different phones that you can pick by default, or you can set a custom resolution if you want to test out more obscure sizes like 4k monitors

That’s exactly what I was hoping to find out, thank you!!

It appears fine on my phone but wasn’t sure about others. I had messed around with the layout so much, trying to fix all kinds of overflow issues.

Hey, pretty awesome survey form, I love the clean design and everything works perfectly for me :slight_smile: The only (super small) thing I would suggest - have you maybe tried getting rid of the blue outline on buttons and input?

Good idea, @kristina_v ! I updated it to remove the blue border. I think it works?

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This looks good, bravo Pie1011! :clap:

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Yeah, you solved it, I think it’s even better now. Awesome job! :smiley:

this looks good :stuck_out_tongue: