2nd project(survey form)

I have just completed my survey form. Suggestions will be helpful.

Nice job on this form! It’s kind of sad that nobody reviewed it.

I really like the colors you added. They match up with their neighboring elements really well.

If you ask a person to subscribe, you usually wouldn’t want to use checkboxes. You’d add a text input and a button that when on clicked, will confirm the user’s subscribe request.
Your textArea input tag is a little bit too “square-shaped”. It is always best to make its length greater than its width by a factor of two or more.
When I hover over your submit button, it resizes the entire page. You can see the border around your form adjust. If you implement a button, it is best not to make it resize the page when hovered over.

At all else, you did a great job. Keep up the great work.