2nd: Survey-form:codecamp

@Roma hey kindly check this and give feedback .

Screenshot from 2020-10-07 21-19-22|690x388

use the text input in the validator, and paste in your code

do not put in the link to your pen, that it is not able to read the html code from that

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okay , thanks @ilenia , hey i checked it but that was throwing more error because in codepen we dont need to write that was designed like that when i paste the whole code there was showing error of that ,and there was also mentioned that we can check that by URL too .

@Komal-1, there isn’t really anything new for me to check with your survey form. The HTML and CSS are copies of the sample. Only the text has been changed.

Make the project from scratch, with your own code, style and content. Don’t take the code from the sample project.

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okay i will again make it