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Hi guys. Recently, I have completed the local HTML/CSS/JS Fundamentals course. Honestly, I am not sure is that for me but it was a great experience. Nowadays I just read your amazing stories and keep cross my fingers for you. I applied for BI position yesterday. One company has an external training after they offer a job. They required SQL. I have no idea what is that. Testing period: October 23. I would like kindly ask to recommend me some online courses, YouTube, books. I want to try my best. Thank you all in advance. Anyway, If it doesn’t work I will get back and continue my education here :grinning:

Required skills:
The knowledge of SQL

Good to know:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services );
    ETL-tools (Talend Integration Suite, Petntaho Kettle Enterprise, Oracle Data Integrator
    Tableau, Power BI, Pentaho Business Analytics, JasperReports Server

For SQL I found https://pgexercises.com/ to be a great tool for learning. It postgresql, not Microsoft SQL Server, but all SQL languages are very similar. I’m no SQL expert, of all the resources I looked at and tried when I tried to learn SQL, this was by far the best and most helpful. If you know the stuff in it, then it will be relatively easy to pick up the things that are different in MS SQL Server.

As for BI software, Power BI is a free offering from Microsoft. It is very powerful and really a pretty amazing piece of software.

The power in Power BI comes from 2 places. First, the DAX language that you use to manipulate the data. It is very intuitive and easy to learn. The second power point is its ability to grab (query) data. Power BI’s query functionality essentially does what for you instead of using SQL language. It uses a graphical interface instead of just code.

Here are tools I have used.
Learn to Write DAX: A practical guide to learning Power Pivot for Excel and Power BI
This is an excellent book that teaches through lots of exercises, similar to how FCC works, actually.

Power Pivot and Power BI: The Excel User’s Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016
Another excellent book for Power BI.

Power Query for Power BI and Excel
This is a great book to learn how to use the query power of Power BI.

Finally, this page has more resources that are also very helpful. The guy who runs that company has been doing BI and data analysis for a number of years and knows what he’s talking about.

If you have the time and finances to invest in these resources it will get you a long way.

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Thank you very much! I Well, I saw some tranings from microsoft already started to watch the course. Appreciated for books. I hope to learn SQL for my test on 23 of August.