30 something Stay at Home mom learning to code...again

I have a Masters in Software Engineering and had an IT career for 11 yrs (mostly testing, Tier 3 support, and product owner). I’ve been on a career break since March 2016 and am interested in getting back to coding. Where should I start and what technology stack should I pursue to get back into the market in about 3 yrs. Thinking of going the full stack way (too much to handle?). What are the prospects for a 40 something female to find employment?

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Hi @nupur.agarwal83!

Welcome to the forum!

I just started my coding journey about 5 months ago so I can’t speak to how the industry currently works.

However, I do want to point out two things.

I really wouldn’t be discouraged by age because there are plenty of people who got started as a developers in their 30’s and beyond. I would read this article by Quincy Larson to help give you encouragement.

You also mentioned in the title that you were a stay at home mom jumping back into the marketplace. I found two articles that I think you would enjoy.

I think you have a lot of advantages to be able to compete in the marketplace for a job when you are ready to apply again. You have over 10 years experience in a tech field and you have a masters in software. You are probably also connected to a few developers that can help you find a job. So even though you took a break you are not starting from ground zero.

I think going through the entire FCC curriculum would not be too much to handle. I would imagine a lot of the earlier sections would be more review.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!


That’s very encouraging. Thanks a lot!

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Hey @nupur.agarwal83!

Age and gender do not matter at all.
If you like to become a Frond-end dev then learn for that or if you want to become a back-end dev then learn for that or you want to become both learn both.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
-Theodore Roosevelt
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