404 not found /Need help


Can’t start coding and when I go to View the Curriculum and go where I am i can’t click run code nothing happens.

It works fine for me on firefox and chrome. What browser are you using?

Chrome …

Are you using the normal site?

Ye dosen’t work can’t run test. Nothing happens when i click the green run the press buttom.

Ah, it could be a syntax error. Can you post your code and a link to the challenge?


// Setup
var outerWear = “T-Shirt”;

function myOutfit() {
// Only change code below this line
var outerWear= “Sweater”;


return myOutfit();

// Only change code above this line
return outerWear;


@Sebbe Try re-login , also clear up the cookies :slight_smile:

your double quotes are not quite right. they are ‘curly’ quotes. You need to use these instead "
try cutting and pasting the line below (notice I also fixed the word sweater for you which should not have a capital letter).

var outerWear = "sweater";

you have a typo in the code

I believe you mispelled var

I suggest you post your code here again if you are still struggling. (please don’t open duplicate posts).

This one is bugged but when i go to the first basic javascript it shows x guess ill just skip these one and see if i get problems later on