Website not working (javascript 1st lesson)

Hello I’ve been coding for like an hour (Learn basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing game) I’m on step 82 and I did the code that was asked from me but when I press Check Your Code button or ctrl+enter nothing happens, I tried restarting my laptop, I usually use brave but I switched to chrome and the problem was still the same, I am now stuck and cannot progress and I can’t seem to find customer support, does this site even have customer support? Can someone pls help?

Can you provide the code and a link to the challenge?

I just tried again and it fixed itself, do you still want the code and link to the challenge?

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Glad your problem solved itself.

The course is brand new and some students experience the performance issues you reported. This is not rare for a beta version that still needs to be smoothed out. The performance will get better with coming updates.

You can turn to freeCodeCamp Support - The freeCodeCamp Forum for support.


next time you ask for help please provide those =)

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