500 Internal Server Error nginx

Recently, very often there was an error, help to understand what’s wrong.
500 Internal Server Error nginx!

The FCC core team has been adding servers and moving things around.

When will they finish?

I think that it’s mostly done. There are still some links that need to be fixed when they’re found, so please report them if you find them.


We have completed the server moves.

Thanks for the feedback, we are fixing some intermittent outages like the one you have above. If you get errors, other than 500 or 429, in the 5xx or 4xx category.

The links need not be rebuilt, we are supporting both forum.freecodecamp.org and www.freecodecamp.org/forum with 301 (permanent redirect). So this should totally be fine.

Let me know if anything specific breaks though for example, hot linking images maybe.