Anyone else seeing a lot of "500 Internal Server Error" on

I’ve been getting errors a lot these last few days, and as I’ve not seen anyone else make a comment on it, I just want to check if it some type of issue on my end. I don’t think it is because all my other website visits work 100 percent. But you never know unless you ask…


I created an issue regarding it on GitHub. I see it every now and then.

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it is not on your end. The issue has been addressed! Thanks for your post though! Its much appreciated @rickstewart

Every time I visit I get CloudFlare 521 error. But works fine.

the forum is not setup to run on https yet. so disregard that and access the forum using http :slight_smile:. As for the 500 Internal Server Error, we are working on that diligently. Thank you and happy coding :smile:

Been seeing it a lot too. I just assumed it was a scaling/server capacity issue.

Like @michaelhenderson said, we’re working to fix the 500 Internal Server Error issues. If anyone has a background in Ruby on Rails and would like to help, we would greatly appreciate it!


I find hammering the reply or like button or whatever over and over eventually gets it through. So I’m guessing overloaded server. Anything in the backend logs that bears this theory out?

I wasn’t able to even sign up for the forum until now. That said, my MAP does not recognize my sign up. There is no green checkbox next to the Forums step. I also am getting 500 Internal Server Errors for most threads I click on. Only after many attempts was I able now to get into this thread. However, I have learned that things do work out, and am looking forward to a smoother experience on the forum! It’s otherwise really looking awesome!

Hi Chuck. Thank you. That is helpful. I may need to upgrade the server size. I will investigate this.