A developer work as a Salesman

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a programmer since 10 years ago. And now I have my own business. But now I don’t work too much on coding. My time is 80% is sales and 20% is code.

Coding is no problem for me :), but sales. I can’t find any solution to complete my goals.

I can find some clients but not too good. And we don’t have enough projects for our company.

Is there anyone have experience in this field and have any suggestion?

Many thanks,

Make a simple SWOT analysis. And do not focus on selling. Focus on fulfill customers needs.

What is your business idea? Which is the target audience? How can you help them? And why should they choose you?


Many thanks for your suggestion.

We’re based in Vietnam, we’re offering Shopify development services, also PrestaShop and React Native. And I’m stucking at finding more clients in AU, UK and US market.

Anyway, I will try to follow your suggestion.

Best regards,

Note that different types of companies may need different solutions. The more on spot your solutions are, the lower threshold to buy. “You know my specific business”,“I trust you can do this for me as well”. Forget selling a product. The customer BUY a solution.

The less decisions the customer have to make, the easier to buy. Present three simple packages to chose between. Plus tailor made.