A List of Free courses on Flutter App Development for Beginners

Flutter is Google’s SDK for developing beautiful cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS. Flutter is based on widgets and they are super responsive for Web, Mobile and Desktop.
The best thing about Flutter is you can develop apps with super speed. You just have to work with the widgets place them in the right positions.
It motivated me to collect some Free courses for Beginners who just want to try out the Toolkit without going heavy on pockets.
So here are some free courses that you will find useful as a Beginner:

  • Udacity - Build native mobile apps with Flutter
  • App Brewery - Introduction to Flutter development using Dart (Free certificate of completion)
  • Official Flutter tutorial on Flutter.dev
  • Udemy - Learn Flutter Beginner course
  • The Net Ninja - Flutter tutorial for Beginners
    More detail about these courses can be found HERE. Do share you experiences with these courses if you have any.