A Minimalist Quote Machine - Feedback?

Hey Campers!

I just finished the Random Quote Machine project.

Here’s the link: https://codepen.io/kmelo/full/dpbJdY

I welcome any feedback especially in regards to writing clean code.

P.S. ( It has a simple design for the moment because my main focus is on learning to use JavaScript and its accompanying libraries to make functional and reliable applications eventually I’ll get into the aesthetics.)

Try to have the tweet button auto-fill a tweet with the actual quote (or a truncated one if it’s too long), rather than just linking to your quote machine.

Hey there! It works! HUZZAH! I can respect the minimalist approach BUT… don’t ignore the styling for too long. There’s more than meets the eye with design, like accessibility, compatibility, and Sass or LESS to learn when you have mastered regular CSS. I would focus on just making designs simple and accessible if you intend on concentrating on javascript.

As for improvement, I would try and make your code as DRY as possible. It looks like you have 2 API requests written out that do the same thing. I would work on condensing them into one function. Then you can call that function once for the initial content and then call it via the click handler for subsequent quotes.