Feedback - Random Quote Machine Project

Hi guys,

Looking for insight and feedback on my quote machine project.

I tried to code it “functionally”. Basically I started off web development through a part-time course – and overtime I became obsessed with learning vanilla Javascript, and figuring out my personal way of coding. I eventually learned of functional programming, and have been practicing since. It’s still a work in progress, and it took a lot of convincing on my part to even use jQuery and Bootstrap. I’m aware jQuery is javascript, but I had always thought that by doing this the long and hard way, I will get a better understanding of everything.

I eventually got tired of handicapping myself by not using basic frameworks and libraries (jQuery and Bootstrap), and drowned my ego and finally making some progress with my learning.

So that’s just a brief description of my web dev journey. I don’t have a background in computer science (wish I do), but I’m determined to get better.

Here is my project -

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!

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I’m super new to this, and it looks liker you’re further along than I am, but it looks great to me. The only criticisms I have are that I would prefer the author to come after the quote(not sure if that’s the API, or something you have control over), and I’m not a big fan of the shadow on the “new quote” button once it’s been clicked (idk how to change that either).

But I like responsiveness and look of everything else. Nice work!

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Hey, thanks for the feedback!! Much appreciated!

I’m not a creative guy haha, so my design is inspired by this -

As for the code itself, honestly it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for bootstrap and jQuery. They just make everything easier. But I got comfortable with them quickly because I took so much time learning raw Javascript. Then I tried looking into how to best organize Javascript, and read about object oriented approach, top down approach, and functional approach. It seems like functional javascript is a trend now(?) based on what I’ve been reading, which is why I wrapped everything in functions for this project.

The sources I used to learn Javascript are Treehouse, One Month, and Javascript 30. Javascript 30 is completely free, and has 30 Javascript focused projects. One Month has a Javascript program where you learn how to create a Gif search engine, a SoundCloud music playlist, and using Google Excel as back-end to organize content on your site. Both One Month and JS30 are vanilla Javascript focused – no frameworks, no jQuery. Treehouse is for basics, just for me to refresh my memory. I feel like I can never get enough of the basics.