Random Quote Machine - Things I learned

My version of the Random Quote Machine is here if you’ve got the time to take a look:


All feedback most welcome, particularly improvements or things that stood out (Ps - The Share button is not live as I don’t have an account to link it to and so just links to my facebook profile).

I also want to add a few things about my experience for anyone new to this project:

  • Yes, you can do it - I am a complete newb and only know from what I have learned on freeCodeCamp - which means I have about 100hrs of accrued knowledge

  • Personally, I found this project a big leap from what had been previously covered. I’ve had to do a lot of research and learning to produce what I have. But this has been a good thing as I feel I have had to raise my own level and take the initiative. A lot of the previous exercises and projects spoon fed much of the required code and the knowledge was directly transferable. For this one, I very much felt thrown into the deep(er) end.

  • However, the concepts that are covered by the algorithms and jQuery sections preceding this project helped me orientate my thinking. While a not direct code transfer, they certainly gave me some grounding.

  • Not all the code is mine (although a satisfying and surprising amount is). I had to end up using JSONP -in general much of the syntax was very difficult to get my head around and I simply don’t have that not knowledge as yet. So I’m not going to to be too hard on myself. However, I did make sure I gave my own coding a go first and anything I did copy I made sure I understood the algorithm and logic of how it was happening (this sometimes took a lot of extra reading and looking for other similar code examples).
    So I may still not be great at the syntax of the code but I know heaps more about it and can pick out which bits are doing what, when.

  • Resources:
    I used the forums on freeCodeCamp
    I did the Udacity Ajax Intro Course that was suggested on one such freeCodeCamp post.
    On another freeCodeCamp forum post I got the link for the API quote databse
    I used Stack Overflow a lot
    I used the Chrome Dev Tools A LOT - particularly for testing the API and JSON
    I got the idea for the background color generation from Tyler and this Codepen
    I reused the wikipedia idea from the Udacity Course mentioned above - I turned that Intro Course exercise into a Codepen here:

Right, now I’m off to see the new forum posts of what others have done for this project.



Hey i like your Random quotes machine and thats great. but i think its need improvement.

do you have try in small browser like smartphone ?

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Completely forgot to even try a different device.
Will go back and put in a bit of responsiveness.


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