A project to expand Khan Academy's Coding Platform

I’ve always known Khan Academy to have a small coding platform. When you code there, you get limited functionality, a tiny preview, and other limitations.

I made a website that could expand their coding platform with live website previews.

I would like some feedback on the style, design, and functionality of the website. Thanks!

I’ve only one suggestion
Just add restart function to the editor textarea as following

I’ve added onKeyUp=restart(), due to this, your output is generated real time, without clicking reload button…

You’ve done a great work keep it up :+1:

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Thank you, but I chose to only update the preview when the reload button is pressed so that it’s easier to test.

This is really awesome but one thing i noticed as i was adding more html to the editor the output just overflowed out of the output window onto the bottons below it

It isn’t supposed to be happening at all. I tried it and it seems that maybe your browser window isn’t maximized. For best results, I’d suggest you make your web browser’s size as big as possible if you haven’t.

Very good project @ConnerOw1115! The code editor is so intelligent. Keep up the good work!

It is maximized. And its not just brave i got the same result in firefox.

Thanks. Actually, I got the editor from Ace, an open-source code editor.

Oh, okay. I’ll fix that.
Thanks for pointing it out. It should work now.

amazing work @ConnerOw1115 , looking forward to use it more. :grinning:

found typo in user guide section . kindly take a look.

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Oh, I’ll change that.