Code Editor Website. Begging for feedback

Y’all might have seen my previous post about making this here. A lot of people were reporting bugs about the editor preview and I didn’t know how to fix it then.

In version One, there were a lot of bugs such as:
•The live preview wouldn’t update
•You could style the external html from within the editor
•The Functionality broke (I merged a pull request from someone and the first version of the website broke).

You can find the first version of the website here:
And the second one here:

Please report any bugs you find in the Second version if you’ve found any. Any and all feedback will be appreciated such as:
•Bug Reports
Bad Language
•And anything else.

Thanks for reading!
Happy coding.

Hey @ConnerOw1115!

I think your site looks cool. One difference I noticed from khan academy and yours were error messages. When I purposefully wrote bad html syntax your program did not yell at me were as khan academy detected the issue.

I think if you could add that feature to yours that would be cool.

Keep up the good work.

Happy coding!

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Yeah… That is really hard to do. I can do a JS try…catch statement for a JS editor, but HTML… Is… a very different story.

Thanks for the kind feedback, btw.