A question about Tutorials

As someone suggested in one of my last posts, I’m going to start building an Amazon clone. I’m not sure where to start, so I thought about using a tutorial.

But if I do use the tutorial, will it count as fair game for my portfolio whether I make some changes to the project? Down the line?

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welp, most recruiter are see lots of clones made via tutorials but if you don`t know where to start I suggest you to follow the tutorial, practice, take notes about the steps and then make your own version.

Probably it will be ugliest but now you know how to made more larger projects, once you done that make another, that its for the portfolio

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So, the basic idea is not to follow the tutorials but to use them as a guide.

tutorials are great for when you’re overwhelmed, the first time I used the MERN stack I follow lots of tutorial (netflix clon, make a blog, making a eshop) but they are for learning how to approach a project.

Also if you want to get hired make something that you like, take tutorials as a first step and then evolve.


Is the point of this project to learn new skills? If so, then use whatever tools are most helpful and don’t worry about how it looks on a portfolio.

Is the point of this project to showcase your skills to others? Then the primary focus should be building something valuable and building it well. Following a tutorial is going to result in something that looks like it was made by following a tutorial.

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