A React application that fetches high resolution images from the pixabay api

Being away from freecodecamp for a while now. As a come back decided to build this react app that retrieves images via the pixabay api .

Here is the link to the live app -> https://danielkpodo.github.io/paper-zone/

one issue: left the filtering option for a later time
Tech stack used in project

  1. Reactjs
  2. React hooks
  3. context api
  4. sass

Feedback and improvement welcome

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@narh Wow! You did a great job on your project. The background is very cool looking.
However I am not able to see any images. I saw images viewing the project on my phone but I am not able to see images via the browser.

Thanks boss. But that is quite strangeā€¦because it should work both on mobile and pc. I did check that.

Have you tried searching via the input

It is working now. Great project!

Glad to know know boss.