A recent Dutch university graduate (International Business Major)

Hi guys,

I am a newly graduated dude from one of major universities in the Netherlands. I have graduated from International Business major and I want to learn programming languages to become a ‘data analyst’ . The only program I have used during my uni years is SPSS and I realized most of the data analyst jobs require SQL, Python and R proficiencies. Will it be possible for me to learn these languages from scratch? (I am willing to give my best to self-learn all these no matter how tough they might be.)

Furthermore, do you personally think that freecodecamp courses are good enough for me to grasp the fundamental of each languages?

Short answer, yes. FCC has a relational database course so I’d probably start there.

The Python course is focused on machine learning (which is likely to be useful to you) but kinda expects you know the basics.

The JavaScript algorithms & data structures course could work: different language but it goes through all the basics of programming. Otherwise Learn Python the Hard Way is good, as is the tutorial on the Python site. The book Automate the Boring Stuff With Python is getting a bit long in the tooth but is good as well & as an introduction would fit what you want to do. And then once you’ve got a handle on the basics, can come back to the FCC ML course.

Regarding R, someone else may be able to suggest something good.