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Hi! I’m new a freecodecamp and I really want to be a good data analyst. I have like an entry level in python, I know how to do basic functions, like with for, if, etc. And basic concepts. My question is if it appropriate for me to start with the data analysis course with python? Or if I need to start with other certification? I also have an entry level in R and know basics in visual basic studio for excel.
Also, in any certification can I learn how to code in SQL?
Thank you so much for the help!!

Hi @keil2326 !

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Well the curriculum was designed to be done in order.
If you start with the python courses, it assumes you already have a basic foundation in programming fundamentals.
You are free to start with the Python courses and see if it moves at a good pace for you.
If not, then you will need to supplement it with other materials.

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