Which Python course to start with on freecodecamp.org?

After some practise I feel still new to coding and Python in paticular. My main interest is data analysis and I did work with SQL.
Do I need to work through the ´Scientific Computing with Python´ certification, which contains the introduction and basics, BEFORE I start (=have at least enough knowledge about the language) with the ´Data analysis with Python´ Certification´?
(This is not me trying to skip important parts, just me trying to prioritise subjects and optimise available time to study :wink: )

go with the one you want to do, go back if you feel you need to

That sounds very wise, thank you!

It’s up to you. If you feel uncomfortable to jump right in to Data Analysis or you need more practice, it might probably be a good idea to go back just to fresh up your memory :wink: