Data Analyst - FreeCodeCamp best path?

Good morning, I have become very passionate about the world of data analysis and I would like to look for work in this field.
Starting from scratch, is it better to take courses Relational Database, Back End Development and APIs, Scientific Computing with Python first?
Or start from Data Analysis with Python?
After finishing Data Analysis with Python, by taking the course Machine Learning with Python, do you end up in the field of Data Scientist?
Thank you so much for all possible information :slight_smile:

Well starting with Python is a good start because alot of data analyst use python (numpy, pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn) and then you can also lookin to Data Visualization and databases like Sql.

I think if you work on developing your skills in Python libraries and Sql you will be on your way to becoming a Data Analystđź‘Ť

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At least from my point of view, start learning with Python is a good start and libraries mentioned by @naude5. However it’s also necessary to refresh basic knowledge regarding statistics.

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Start with the Basics

Begin with FreeCodeCamp’s “Introduction to the Data Analysis with Python” certification. This will provide you with a foundational understanding of data analysis and Python programming, which is a commonly used language in the field.

Python Programming

Dive deeper into Python programming. FreeCodeCamp offers Python certification courses that will help you become proficient in this language, which is essential for data analysis.

Data Visualization

Learn how to visualize data effectively. Data visualization is a crucial aspect of data analysis. FreeCodeCamp has courses on data visualization libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Data Analysis Libraries

Familiarize yourself with data analysis libraries in Python, such as Pandas and NumPy. These libraries are essential for data manipulation and analysis.

Statistical Analysis

Understand basic statistical concepts. FreeCodeCamp provides resources to help you grasp statistics, which is fundamental for data analysis.


Learn Structured Query Language (SQL) as it is commonly used to query databases, which is a critical skill for data analysts. FreeCodeCamp has SQL courses that can help you get started.

Machine Learning (Optional)

If you’re interested in expanding your skill set, consider delving into machine learning. FreeCodeCamp has machine learning courses that can introduce you to this field.

Real-World Projects

Apply your knowledge by working on real-world data analysis projects. You can find datasets online or use FreeCodeCamp’s projects to practice your skills.