Can I find a data analysis job with freecodecamp?

I am new to the word of coding and analysis, I have started to learn the Scientific Calculation With Python course , and then I’m gonna go through the Data Analysis With Python course.
Maybe in the future I go to university and study data science as I really like this subject.
Now my question is, Am I gonna be able to get a data analysis job (as a freelance or whatever) after finishing these courses and practicing the contents ?
I guess I also need data visualisation and API course ! But I dont feel like going through html and javascript and all those web design steps
So what should I do to get a job although very entry level and low paid ?
I really appreciate your help .

In order to get a data analysis job, you will probably need a degree with a fair number of statistics classes.

And what if I’m good at statistics and just learn the programming parts here ?!

A company needs to know that you will not make statistical errors that will cost them money. The typical way they screen for that is a college degree with statistical content (so, really a STEM degree with a fair amount of math). It isn’t impossible to get a data analysis job without statistics credentials, but it is very hard.

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Yeah that makes sense !
Do you have any suggestions for me as to learn something that helps me get a job and is not very irrelevant to my optimal goal which is studying data science ?
I’m teaching English right now but I’m looking for a change and I want to get into the tech word and becoming a data scientist is a long way but what can I do now that helps me earn some money and also helps me with my ultimate interest ?!

Are studying things like web development and javascript are gonna be useless if one day I become a data scientist ? I guess yes !

Freecodecamp can help you to attain your goal, but there are other factors to consider before entering the job market. As said above, a degree will help, if you cannot afford a Bachelor, at least a Technical degree in computer science or engineering related plus an internship can help. In your case, as I understand, you have previous working experience in teaching, you may consider to begin with an advanced certificate, and after, making some projects. Then you can apply to entry level positions.
Regarding the Data Science Knowledge, you need to know (at least):Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics (Inferential Statistics and probability theory). On the practical side, a basic knowledge of databases, and a programming language (Python, R or Scala.)
As you can see in the page and in the YouTube channel, freecodecamp provides a good part of the knowledge required. The rest will depend of your effort, creativity, patience and networking.

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