An Advice on Career Needed

Hi, everyone!
Just finished freeCodeCamp’s “Scientific Computing with Python” and “Data Analysis with Python” courses. It doesn’t seem plausible to find an entry-level job with this. Thinking of learning Machine Learning, but I’m dubious of whether it would make any difference. I need a practical advice on further steps.

What do you know of other languages? HTML, CSS, Javascript etc?

I learned Html and CSS, but web development is not what I’d like. I look in the direction of ML, AI, automation-like stuff (IoT, embedded systems), blockchain probably, cloud tech and the like

If that’s the career you want to pursue then doing the certificate will help you on that journey, and it’s worth pursuing the career you’re interested in, but the certificate isn’t going to land you a job by itself.

For data science jobs you need a strong mathematical/statistical background. What’s your education/experience in that regard?

How long have you been learning?

Have you got strong projects to show/tell during interviews? Do you have a github account?

Are you confident with tech tests, interviewing and have a good resume?

I began learning Python a year ago, and learned it with some long pauses. Beginning from March of this year I finished one by one freeCodeCamp’s Python course, Data Analysis courses (one on EdX and another one on freeCodeCamp), and now I’m actively studying Machine Learning.

As for my education and experience - I’ve graduated in 2010 with the specialty “Industrial and Civil Construction” and the last five years I worked as a structural engineer. In the university I studied Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Differential equations, Matrices and some other things, except Statistics (as structural analysts don’t rely on Statistics). Nonetheless, I had no big difficulties in studying Data Analysis.

I do have a github account (Constantin2609), where I’ve uploaded my freeCodeCamp’s projects to. I have no working projects.

Having no work experience in programming at all, I can only claim the knowledge from the courses I’ve taken, i.e. of Python and Data Analysis.

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Maybe the long road, but you can also look for database and analyst jobs. I was an analyst and then a bunch of our teams split into software engineers, database engineers, data scientists, and analysts. You’ll be more likely to move around internally at larger companies. Smaller companies might not be able to take a chance on you switching roles if there aren’t many other people already in that role.

Thanks for your advice!
I’ll keep it in mind

Practical advice? Network, network, network! Engage with the tech community, share your projects on platforms like GitHub, and maybe even attend local meetups or virtual events. You never know where your next opportunity might come from!